Phytokana’s faba bean sourcing regions include Alberta’s brown, dark brown, and black chernozemic soils, regions with environmental conditions ideally suited for irrigated and dry-land pulse production. We work with farmers in these regions who are dedicated to the highest faba bean production standards. With our farmer partners, we select pulse varieties with superior agronomics, yield, and ingredient functionality. Alberta’s consistent and growing production of faba beans enables Phytokana to source faba beans near our facility, ensuring our customers receive a consistent, high-quality supply of plant-based proteins and co products and our farmers receive a stable, reliable, premium market for their faba beans with alignment in developing quality, sustainable ingredients.


To produce the highest quality plant-based proteins and pulse flours, we start by selecting the highest quality faba bean varieties. Each year we analyze agronomic and quality data from different faba beans within different growing regions to determine which has the best performance in the field and for our customers. In working directly with farmers, we analyze which varieties consistently have the highest yields and quality in our sourcing regions, maximizing profitability for our growers and functionality for our customers. Contact your Phytokana representative to learn more about our preferred varieties and developing trends in the plant protein market that can positively impact your farm.


Traceability & ESG

Traceability in our agricultural supply chain is of paramount importance to guarantee food safety & sustainability. By working with farmers, Phytokana has complete knowledge of the agronomic practices used to grow our faba beans. Our proprietary traceability report, “Data Combine”, allows us to measure GHG emissions from our farmers’ crop output so we can share the positive story of pulse sustainability and meet growing consumer demand for food products with a trustworthy ESG pedigree. Recognizing the effort from our growers to provide this valuable information, Phytokana pays a premium for high quality traceability data that our ingredient customers can be confident in.

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