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Phytokana’s pulse research is leading the path for the next generation of plant proteins. We are collaborating with Canadian’s Universities on
projects analyzing new pulse varieties, and developing new processes to ensure we will deliver products with superior taste, nutritional, and
functional properties.

Research Partnerships

Phytokana’s R&D collaborates with research centers and local universities to advance research in plant-based ingredients and food applications. We believe that engaging with students and universities is a great opportunity to share knowledge, contribute to the development of the food industry and to the mentorship of future food innovators.

Our current projects


A study aimed at studying the protein composition, functionality, and taste profile of faba bean from different genotypes.


Phytokana is exploring extrusion recipe development using pulse ingredients.


Phytokana is sponsoring a student project at the University of Guelph, focusing on the development of a functional vegan milk.

Our other partners