Phytokana’s state-of-the-art plant-based protein processing facility will initially source a minimum of 30,000 tonnes per year of novel pulses from central Alberta. Combined with our regional crop sourcing, the fully-automated facility incorporates energy efficient technologies and processes to generate minimal waste and low life cycle emissions, as measured and evaluated using the internationally recognized methodology and testing methods.

About Our Facility

The team responsible for operating and maintaining the facility is made up of technicians and professionals who are committed to personal safety, food safety, and process safety. The facility will be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with planned outages in place to clean and maintain critical processing equipment.

  • Production team members that operate the facility
  • Optimize plant performance on a minute-by-minute basis
  • Drive outstanding personal, food and process safety outcomes
  • Analyse and interpret processing data to apply machine learning to achieve consistent product cuts, yields and quality

  • Execute condition-based monitoring and maintenance programs
  • Support plant planned outages with best-in-class execution
  • Leverage automation and controls to achieve world class reliability and safety performance

Technical support & logistics
  • Provide troubleshooting and technical support
  • Develop and implement improvement and optimization initiatives
  • Conduct assurance activities to support long term plant performance
  • Empower production employees with the automation and controls necessary to achieve optimal uptime


  • We don’t compromise on safety – every incident is preventable – this commitment drives us
  • We are focused on data – we believe data helps guide the way to exceptional safety and plant performance outcomes. We measure everything and analyze this data to ensure the plant runs at its fullest potential
  • We automate – automation is a proven performer in optimizing repetitive and time-consuming tasks. We work to automate these tasks so our people can stay focused on more complex and fulfilling problem solving and optimization tasks
  • We chip in and deliver together – our work is complex, and we help one another to achieve our goals. This means rolling up our sleeves and tackling the work together